Sud de France organises first ever Organic Wines Tasting for Occitanie – France’s top region for organic wine

Press release, 24th August 2017

Sud de France organises first ever Organic Wines Tasting for Occitanie – France’s top region for organic wine  

Sud de France – the umbrella brand for wine, food, tourism and well-being products from the Occitanie region of southern France, will hold its first trade tasting exclusively dedicated to Organic Wines on Thursday 12th October at La Maison de la Région Occitanie in London from 10.30am to 6pm. 

With ideal climate conditions, the extended southern French region of Occitanie is considered as an El Dorado for organic viticulture, and it is the leading organic wine region in France.  With organic wines sales on the up, this is an ideal opportunity to look at the ever-stronger and recently combined offer from Languedoc-Roussillon, South West and southern Rhône vineyards.  

Isabelle Kanaan, Executive Director of Sud de France in the UK says ‘We’re very excited to present our first ever Organic Wines tasting in London!’ She continues, ‘The initiative arose due to the recent increase in demand for Organic and Biodynamic wines in response to the growing consumer trend for healthonism! Although most of the wines lined-up are not yet available in the UK off-trade, we’re sure the tasting will give attendees an insightful overview and understanding of the extensive range of wines that Occitanie offers in this category, being the leading French region for organic wine’. 

The Guardian reported in April 2017 that sales of organic beers, wines and spirits increased by 14.3% in 2016 (reaching nearly £6m) – driven by strong demand for wines, and are now growing at double the rate of the market as a whole (The Soil Association, April 2017). 

Finn Cottle of Soil Association Certification says “While the whole organic market is in general outperforming non-organic food and drink sales, organic still wine – red, white and rosé – is a runaway success story”. There is an increased awareness about provenance among wine drinkers who are also increasingly seeking “natural” ingredients. Consequently, Supermarkets are expanding their organic wine range to meet growing consumer demand. 

The self pour tasting will feature over 100 wines from across the Occitanie region and thirteen domains will be representedMaison AlbertLes Domaines AuriolDomaine ManzoneChâteau de BeauboisDomaine de la CharitéMas du NoviClos des Vins D’AmourChâteau RombeauMas des QuernesLes Chemins de BassacMaison des Terroirs VivantsDomaine Jean Louis Vera and Les Vignerons du Brulhois. 


This tasting is strictly restricted to trade and press only. Members of the UK wine trade can register 

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