Family Helfrich, part of the GCF groupe launches world’s first Instagram wine list

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Family Helfrich, the premium on-trade and independents arm of Les Grands Chais de France (GCF), has launched the world’s first trade wine list on Instagram to demonstrate the company’s commitment to straightforward and rapid-response customer service.  The condensed list of around 250 wines can be viewed by following @family_helfrich_gcf_wines on the social media platform.

The new style list provides customers with the ability to browse, share, see bottle shots, tasting notes, closure type, wine style and get instantly notified of new wines all from one online source.  The objective is to save the time spent waiting for printed wine lists to appear and avoid the problem of them quickly becoming out dated, whilst also to provide customers with a straightforward and instantly updated reference library.

“We wanted to surprise people in the on-trade by bringing our wines to life in a way that complements the forward-thinking nature of our business,” comments Chris Davies, Sales Director of On-Trade and Independents for Family Helfrich.  “In particular we are seeking to support our clients who are selling to their customers from a handheld device whilst on the move. The fast updates that will be available include packaging changes, which will be instantly uploaded and followers will be immediately notified.  We are also planning to send special offers  during the year and these  can then be ordered in the usual way.  ”

“We are moving our wine list away from the standard wine industry printed paper format so that our customers and distributors have a system that is user-friendly, easy to navigate and bang up to date all the time.  In this way we can notify our followers the instant that Famille Helfrich lists a new wine.  We hope this offers a suitably simple – and perhaps a little unexpected way for our customers to see the array of wines we have available in our range. This will constantly develop and grow as we hone the range, and of course add new properties to our portfolio.  We are encouraging our clients to follow our Instagram account so that they don’t miss out.”


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